Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post my own recordings of KenBarkerMusic arrangements?
Yes, as long as the arrangement is owned by Ken Barker Music (see the copyright notice at the bottom of the first page). If it is not owned solely by Ken Barker Music, you must obtain written permission from all copyright holders for posting any recordings. If you do post it, please add in the description the arranger’s name, and “This arrangement is available at”

Additionally, we would love to hear your performance, so you can feel free to send the link to Thank you!

What if my church streams its complete services, including my arrangement, over the
Because these arrangements were created for church performance, recital performance, and personal use, a streamed church service is an example of an acceptable use, even if the song is not owned by Ken Barker Music, as long as the use is reported to CCLI.

Can I sign up for updates, like new releases?
We encourage you to sign up for future emailed announcements. Please send us your email address via the Contact page! If you use the Contact page for any communication, we will automatically capture your email address and add you to our mailing list. If you prefer not to be added, please let us know when using the Contact page.

Why do you make the Finale files available for purchase?
As a courtesy we make the Finale files available to provide the customer with flexibility to change the keys or customize the arrangement as needed. It is highly recommended that you not change the key more than a step or two up or down, because not all of the arrangement will work as well as it does in the original key.

What if I need an older version of Finale than what you sell?
If you need an older version of Finale than what we sell (Version 26), you can request it, once purchased, via our Contact page, and it will be emailed to you.

What is the purpose of the Demo recordings and the Performance videos?
If you cannot read the music ‘in your head’ by looking at it, the Demo recording and Performance video provide an audible (and visual) version of the arrangement. It can help in the purchasing decision, for instance, is the style and skill level suitable? You may play the arrangement as often as you wish using the audio player on this website, or you may purchase the audio file for offline listening, or for playing along with the arrangement, as an aid in practice.

Additionally, the Performance video can be helpful for determining hand positions and fingerings.

Will you have Performance videos for everything available at KenBarkerMusic?
We will only have Performance videos for all of the piano arrangements, not the instrumental or vocal solo arrangements.

What is the purpose of the scenic Lyric videos?
The scenic Lyric videos may be used for multiple purposes. Churches may use them for preservice viewing to prepare hearts for worship. Soloists may use them so the congregation can focus on the lyrics while they sing. The Lyric videos may be used for personal meditation, devotionals, and edification.

We strongly suggest you join the KenBarkerMusic YouTube channel to keep up with the latest Lyric video releases.

Will you have Lyric videos for everything available at KenBarkerMusic?
We will not have Lyric videos available for every arrangement. Please join the KenBarkerMusic YouTube channel to be made aware of new Lyric video releases. We hope to release one new Lyric video every Tuesday on YouTube.

Is it okay to make copies of any of the KenBarkerMusic arrangements I have purchased?
It is permissible to make a copy of the music by the purchaser. Please limit it to rehearsal and/or performance copies. You may make replacement copies for lost or damaged copies. It is not permissible to send the files to, or make copies for other potential customers. If there are special hardship situations, please contact us for permission.

What if I need technical help, or an ordered product did not download properly, or I have
suggestions, or have other questions?
Please use the Contact page for any and all communication. We will try to respond within 24 hours. Thank you.